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" It's been an incredible few years for film lovers and archivists, as never-before-seen movies from legendary filmmakers have been not only rediscovered but beamed straight into our living rooms on popular streaming platforms. .
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    Nov 26, 2022 · According to Scorsese’s daughter Francesca, who is an actress and filmmaker of her own and has appeared in his films “The Departed,” “Hugo” and “The Aviator,” the 80-year-old.

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  • Scorsese is a versatile director who has helmed many well-regarded works including the Best Picture-winning 2006 film The Departed.
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  • A few months ago, Tumblr user zootycoon posted a picture of knock-off boots they’d bought with a label describing “The greatest.
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    May 20, 2023 · Martin Scorsese directed this harrowing and deeply American true-crime drama set in the 1920s.

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