And you can also look at my quick and easy guide to rock gardens. Let the hours slip on by as you listen to the birds and maybe see a frog, or two, jump on by.


Jan 30, 2022 · The softness provides a cool contrast to more flamboyant plants for rock gardens.

Jun 11, 2021 · Prickly Pear Cactus. Learn the basic components of Zen garden design and how you can create a dedicated space for quiet contemplation or meditation in your own backyard Zen garden. Pick the right plants.

It tolerates sun or shade, and appears bronze in summer when masses of tiny flowers appear and the foliage also takes on a yellow hue, if grown in sun.

Rock gardens can range from simple to complex, rugged to. 6 Pro Tips for Designing Beautiful Rock Gardens. .

. Winning Plant Combinations, Plant Combination Ideas.

Cover A Raised Mound Completely For A Stunning Display.


This garden, filled with colorful shrubs and shrub-sized trees, requires very little pruning or care to thrive, other than keeping the plants in it well-watered during their first year. (Image credit: Alexander Tolstykh/Alamy Stock Photo) Large boulders add height and interest to flower beds, create a naturalistic feel, and offer plenty of planting pockets and crevices.

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Rock gardens can range from simple to complex, rugged to tranquil, and modern to rustic, so we’ve compiled a list of 45 rock garden ideas and planning tips to help you get inspired.
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Jun 11, 2021 · A rock garden is a plot of well-draining soil decorated with rocks, stones and boulders with small drought-tolerant plants growing between the rocks.

Choose your hardscape carefully.

7. 1. Sempervivum.

Succulent-like gopher plant dazzles with gray-blue foliage and yellow flowers, adding a burst of intrigue to a rock garden. 27. . Flower Garden with a Mini Pond. Sempervivum. Large Boulder Rock Garden.


Flower Garden with a Mini Pond. Position your rocks so that they look natural and offer spaces between to showcase your alpines and other plants.


Plant ornamental grasses on the slope of your rock garden design, as well as alpine plants and colorful blooms.

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“Carpets of colorful Phlox subulata (moss phlox) brighten rock gardens in the spring, and the semi-evergreen foliage adds texture throughout the rest.