. Samsung RF28HMEDBSR purchased in 2015.

Caution: This mode is not for storing food.

To turn off the ice maker touch where it says "Ice Maker Off" until the icon turns on.

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Disconnect the housing connector Evaporator In on right side. HELP! THANK YOU. .

. If it says Unlock next to Dispenser Lock, it means the dispenser is currently unlocked.

Turn on Cooling Off mode (aka Demo mode) on your refrigerator.

Freeze - To turn the Power Freeze function on (3sec) and off.

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Don't want the hassle of having to unplug your fridge? Turn on Cooling Off mode (aka Demo mode) on your refrigerator. Recommended temperatures for your Samsung refrigerator.

How to turn off demo mode on a Samsung RF28HMEDBSR Refrigerator.

Check if your refrigerator comes with an ice maker.

(121 pages) Refrigerator Samsung RF28K9380SR/ User Manual.

Turn ON the water supply if you turned it off valve of the. food was spoiling. With step by.

food was spoiling. Doesn't shut off is the most common symptom for Samsung RF28HMEDBSR/AA-0002. (228 pages) Refrigerator Samsung RF28K9380SR User Manual. . Whether you want to enable or disable Cooling Off mode (Demo mode), the steps are the same. water filter.


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Refrigerator Samsung RF28HM Series User Manual 116 pages.

I have two ice makers in my appliance.

Don't hold it because it will turn on the control lock.

Then you tap the ‘fridge’ button 4 times to get to the ‘Fd’ mode.